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How is American Ts different from all of

those‚Äč "other" uniform shops?

We LOVE what we do!

We strive to make sure that you and your team feel confident and proud to wear your uniforms with out all the stress and headaches and without breaking the bank.  The following are some things we think we do a bit different than other companies that make us stand out from the crowd!

Parents are the bread and butter to a great baseball season. They are the taxi driver, the cheerleader, the checkbook, the therapist and so much more! It is crucial to keep your parents informed! With our easy-to-use player fitting card, parents can see at a glance everything they need to know when it comes to fitting and purchasing the uniform for their children.  It also has all of our policies and procedures for ball season, so it takes some pressure off of you! Make sure to come in and get your customized player fitting cards to hand out at practice for your team! It really makes the difference!

When you bring your team in for a fitting, we make sure you try on the exact uniform you will be wearing.  We do not do sizing packs where you may only get every other size and possibly even a different uniform. Sizing packs are confusing and cause more grief than if you were to just guess at the size.  You can set a specific time for all of your team to come in, or over several days to come in as they can.

We take care of getting the payments from your players.  Gone is the day where you lost hundreds of dollars waiting on that one parent to pay you for the uniform you had to fork the money over to get the order going.  At American Ts, the parents pay for their child's uniform when they come in to get fitted.  This way, you can guarantee at pick up time there will not be any delays or hold ups on getting your uniforms to your players.  If a parent has difficulty paying, we will work with the coach to ensure they get taken care of while making sure that neither American Ts or the coach will become liable for the uniform.

We work diligently to ensure your uniforms will be done within 20 days (not business days).  Sometimes back-orders do occur, when that happens, we do our best to inform the coach so they can make the best decision for their team.  At American Ts, there are no "stock" uniforms and designs. All our uniform packages can be changed and customized to work with your team's budget and desired look.

We price our ball teams with limited overhead and try to be as competitive as possible.  Since we offer so many extra opportunities for time and money savings, we feel confident that you will get your money's worth with American Ts.

No time to come in for a fitting? We TOTALLY understand! Life gets downright busy, so we make our best effort to stay late for fittings or to accommodate if possible, but if all else fails, we can allow you to email your sizes straight to us and pay for your player over the phone.

After hours fittings may be scheduled online below, but must have a MINIMUM of 5 business days between the date scheduled and the after hours fitting to ensure we have en...
After Hours Team Fitting
30 min
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