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Screen Printer

But first, a little about us...

We are a family-owned and operated Christian company that started business back in March of 2001. We try to put God first in all that we do and want our customers to know that.  We believe that God should come first, then family, and finally work.  We believe fully in what we do here at American Ts and offer a service and specialty that not very many companies can give.  We are known for our great quality and fast turnaround time and we want to keep it that way!  We are a team that enjoys each other's company and we have employee outings and dinners throughout the year.  We all get along great and we want to keep it that way.  We have weekly meetings on Tuesday mornings where we get together to fellowship, eat breakfast together and go over any issues, upcoming events and need-to-know info to keep us all on the same page.

A few things we would ask of you...

  • Diligence on showing up to work each time you are scheduled.  We rely on this position to make sure everyone else's schedule goes as planned. Sometimes that does mean staying late or coming in early when needed.  We want to know that you care enough about our clients that, when needed, that extra thirty minutes won't cause any turmoil.

  • A Smiling Face

  • Firm under pressure (again, we are working with people on some strict deadlines)

  • Must be able to lift heavy boxes and be able to stand on your feet all day.

  • We are a tobacco-free facility throughout the entire property.

  • Must be able to work as a team

  • This position does not require any previous training; only a great attitude, willingness to learn new things, and a diligence to show up to work and try your best!

  • Must be over the age of 18

What this position entails...

This associate would be responsible for helping to fulfill all orders in several aspects of the job; such as screen printing, trophies, laser engraving, sublimation, signs and banners, vehicle lettering, cleaning screens and so much more. Most days would be filled with screen printing, but we are always doing new and different things for customers and we like everyone to have a basic knowledge of the different processes to be able to help out in the other departments of the company!

Hours: Our open hours are Monday-Wednesday 9-5, Thursday and Friday 9-6.  However we work outside of those times for production sometimes.  We are flexible as to which hours can be worked this position and it may change weekly.

Pay: Starting pay is $10 per hour depending on experience.

We have a 90 day probationary period in which either party may decide that this is or isn't working out without any notice.  After the 90 days, the position is qualified for our A.B.C.D incentives program where you can earn paid time off and gift cards to local places.

A drug test may be performed to be approved for employment.